As you do your day-to-day cleaning, the air vents are probably something you don’t think much about. As long as your AC and heat are working, all is well, right? Actually, it is important to understand that vents can be dirty without homeowners knowing. This is why you should hire a restoration services company like Remove Water to come do periodic vent cleanings. Dirty vents can lead to health problems for homeowners and higher energy bills due to the decreased effectiveness of the airflow. Read on to learn why vent cleanup is so important and what steps are needed to make sure your vents are clean.

Debris Collects in Vents

Even if you vacuum frequently and keep a neat and tidy house, debris can still collect in the air ducts. The debris includes dust, dirt, dead skin, pet dander, hair, and more! Unfortunately, the dirt and grime don’t just sit there in your vents forever. They are recirculated through the home, causing the air you breathe to be dirty. All of these obstructions in your vents can also reduce the efficiency of the airflow, making your energy bills higher than they should be. Dust in the vents can also be a fire hazard.

Ready for the most shocking fact of all? Dirty vents can make the air in your home up to 70% more polluted than the air outside! That’s enough to make you want to get your vents professionally cleaned as soon as possible!

Mold in Vents

Mold growth in vents is a dangerous issue. The HVAC system will circulate the mold spores throughout the house, which can cause health problems for residents. So how do you know if there is mold in your HVAC system? Here are the three signs:

  • Smell (musty and sour)
  • Visible Mold (growing on the vents or register)
  • Excess Moisture (from an event like a leak or a disaster)

Keep in mind, if you have your vents professionally cleaned each year, you won’t have to worry about mold growth because it will be caught early on. The problem with mold is that is can cause health issues ranging from mild to severe. Symptoms include hay fever, wheezing, rashes, hives, and itchy eyes. Mold is especially harmful to those who have preexisting lung conditions.

Steps to Getting Vents Cleaned

At Remove Water, we are on call 24/7 and will be at your home within an hour of you calling us. Upon arrival we will inspect the vents to see how much work is required to get them cleaned and to check for signs of mold. We will use our powerful industrial vacuums to remove debris from the vents. If mold is found, we will sanitize the vents to reduce the spore count. Our goal is to make your vents as clean as possible so that you can breathe clean and fresh air again.

It is so important for homeowners to get their vents cleaned regularly. If you have just moved into a new home, you may want to get your vents cleaned ASAP because you have no idea when the previous owners last cleaned them. Clean vents mean healthier air for homeowners to breathe. For more information about the vent cleaning process and other restoration services, contact Remove Water today.


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