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Hoarding cleanup takes a lot of work. It goes way beyond everyday clutter and mess. That’s because hoarding is actually a mental illness. It’s closely related to OCD and anxiety. People hoard to gain temporary relief and feelings of safety and control. That’s why it can become so extreme that people need help from restoration services for the cleanup process. Because hoarding cleanup is so extreme, you’ll need to know a few things before you get started. We’ve listed them here. 

Hoarding Cleanup Requires a Plan 

Hoarding cleanup can take hours or even days. Even the best restoration services need time, tools, and a plan to get the job done. You should never dive into a hoarding cleanup project without a plan. Instead, take some time to assess the situation and come up with a step by step process based on what you find. Be prepared to set aside a lot of time for the cleanup process. Hoarding often happens over years or even decades before cleanup takes place. Don’t expect to undo the entire mess easily. 

Safety Gear Is a Must 

Never go into a hoarding cleanup situation without the proper safety gear. In a hoarding situation, you may encounter more than just clutter. You may also find biohazards, spills, rusty objects, and similarly dangerous things. Bring gloves, masks, and other safety gear with you. Also, never try to clean up blood or other biohazards on your own. For your own safety, it’s best to call a professional team. 

Consider Restoration Services 

As a matter of fact, you may even require professional help for the entire cleanup process. Professional restoration services will have all of the necessary safety gear and cleanup equipment from the start. 

They’ll also have plenty of experience dealing with hoarding cleanup and the challenges that come with it. Restoration services can often work more quickly than the average person can work on their own. They know what to expect from the start, so it’s tough to catch them off guard, and they can start a plan and get to work quickly. 

Call ERS for Restoration Services 

Are you looking for restoration services? At ERS, no hoarding situation is too tough for us to handle. We bring years of experience, plenty of safety equipment, and lots of expertise on the job with us. Call us now to ask about our hoarding cleanup services. Hoarding environments are dangerous. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you restore safety. 


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