It is very important to detect and remove mold as quickly as possible. ERS provides mold restoration services to homes and businesses.

Mold can occur inside the home for a variety of reasons. Often, it is due to previous water damage that was not properly taken care of. Mold can grow in tiny cracks and crevices behind the walls. As a homeowner, you might not even know that you have a mold problem. If you suspect that your home might have mold damage, it is important to call a restoration services company, like ERS, immediately. We will come in and quickly start the mold removal and remediation process. Read on to learn why it is so important to quickly detect and remove mold in the home.

Mold Can Cause Health Issues

Some types of mold can be very unhealthy and lead to people getting sick. While mold rarely causes serious health conditions, it can cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and can irritate asthma. Those with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of being affected by mold. While not all mold makes us sick, it is still important to get it removed as quickly as possible.

Mold is Unsightly

Another reason to get mold removed quickly is that it can be unsightly. While sometimes it grows hidden behind the walls, often it is in moist places like the bathtub or shower. Not only does it look bad, but it also can have a musty or sour smell. If you feel embarrassed having guests over to your home because of the mold, it is time to get it removed!

Mold Can Spread

Another reason why you should always remove mold as quickly as possible is because it can spread. Anywhere with a relative humidity of over 50% is an ideal growing environment for mold. The mold can also spread to the air ducts. This means that mold spores are circulating through your home through the vents. This decreases the indoor air quality and can cause issues like allergic reactions. At ERS, we will clean your air ducts to make sure that the mold is not spreading further. Prevent the mold from spreading anywhere else in your home by calling ERS today.

As soon as you suspect mold in your home, it is time to call a restoration services company.  At ERS, we are on call 24/7 and always ready to come remove mold from your home. Don’t wait another minute. Mold can cause health issues, it is unsightly, and it can spread quickly, so it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Contact ERS today for more information about our mold remediation services.

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