At ERS, we provide deep cleaning restoration services to protect your home or business from COVID-19.

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Now more than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely important that your home or business is clean and sanitized. Whether someone who has been sick has been in your office or home, or you are just taking extra precautions, ERS is here to help. We provide deep cleaning restoration services to ensure your space is safe and ready to be occupied. Don’t worry about cleaning and disinfecting on your own. Let the professionals take care of it. We are also on call 24/7 to provide deep cleaning emergency services at any time of day or night. Read on to learn about what the deep cleaning service entails.

What We Use

At ERS, we use electrostatic sprayers. The devices cover surfaces with powerful cleaning products. The disinfectants we use cannot be found in a grocery store. They are extremely powerful and will get the job done! All of the disinfectants used are registered and approved by the EPA. Rest assured that your property is getting cleaned with some of the best tools and disinfectants out there.

Where We Clean

We clean everywhere! Our IICRC certified team is dedicated to removing 99.99% of the deadly virus from all the homes and commercial properties that we work in. We follow the CDC guidelines when it comes to cleaning. We clean all surfaces. In homes, this includes all high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, counters, and more. If someone in your home has been infected with COVID-19 or if you just want to do a deep cleaning to protect yourself, we can help. We also work with commercial properties to get them sanitized as well. If you own a business and learn that an employee tests positive, it is crucial that you get the property commercially cleaned as soon as possible. We clean banks, grocery stores, police stations, hospitals, senior centers, and more. We will come in and clean the handrails, elevators, kitchen areas, bathrooms, shelves, carpets, and more.

Why a Deep Clean?

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It is crucial to deep clean if someone at a property has had COVID-19. The illness is highly contagious and can live for a long time on various surfaces. According to WebMD, COVID-19 can live on metal for 5 days, wood for 4 days, plastics for 2-3 days, stainless steel for 2-3-days, cardboard for 24 hours, copper for 4 hours, aluminum for 2-8 hours, glass for up to 5 days, and ceramics for 5 days. Even if someone simply passes through your business, touching the doorknob, those germs can be on that surface for days, infecting many others. Bring in a professional to get the job done. Once the space is cleaned, you still need to keep up with your daily disinfecting, but a deep clean is a great way to start fresh after a COVID-19 case.

The pandemic is scary times for all. With cases on the rise, many homes and businesses have been affected by this scary illness. At ERS, we are IICRC certified and available 24/7 to come deep clean your home or business. Rest assured that every surface will be sanitized by our electrostatic sprayers and commercial-grade disinfectants. For more information about our deep cleaning and restoration services, contact us today.

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