Your vents push air around your home. You can change your air filter regularly to keep allergens from spreading around, and even use your vacuum to clean your air ducts. Doing these preventative tasks is a good idea, but it’s not fully cleaning your air vents. The air quality of your home can have lasting effects on your health. Here are a few of the reasons you need to schedule an annual vent cleaning today!

Vent Cleaning Means Cleaner Air

Your air ducts collect things like dust, dander, dead skin, and allergens, such as mold spores. If you moved into your home recently, chances are the previous owner didn’t clean their vents before they moved. This means that all the things that have accumulated over the years are now spreading through your home, and you are breathing them in every time you turn on your A/C or heater.

Changing the air filter and using your vacuum to clean your air ducts isn’t enough. The air filter stops allergens from getting sucked up into your main unit. But allergens that are already sitting in your air ducts never reach the air filter. A vacuum can only reach inside a fraction of the air duct, so it can’t clean the whole thing. A professional vent cleaning will get your entire air duct system clean – not just the parts you can reach.

Save on Energy Costs

The more junk that is clogging up your air ducts, the harder your HVAC unit has to work to push the air around. An annual vent cleaning will keep your air ducts clear, so your A/C doesn’t use as much energy. This ends up saving you money.

Save on Maintenance Costs

It’s expensive to repair or replace your heating and cooling unit. The debris that accumulates in your air ducts can damage your unit by making it work harder to push the air through. A vent cleaning enables the air to flow freely, which makes it easier to keep your house comfortable and makes your unit work less.

It Could Improve Your Health

If you notice your allergies getting worse or you have more upper respiratory illnesses, then it might be time for a vent cleaning. We often associate our allergies and colds with changing seasons; when they get worse, then it’s just a bad allergy season. Having a vent cleaning won’t cure you of allergies or reduce your chance of catching a cold, but it improve the air quality, which will help you breathe easier.

We know that dust and pet dander can accumulate inside your air ducts, but did you know mold can as well? If mold is present in your home, then chances are the spores have made it inside your air vents. If you have been trying to get rid of mold and it’s just not going away, then it’s probably found a home in your air ducts.

It is recommended to have an annual vent cleaning every 3 to 5 years. If you have pets or have recently done some renovations on your home, then it’s a good idea to schedule one sooner. Emergency Restoration Services can take care of your vent cleaning needs. Check out all our services and how we can help you here.

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