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Virtually every American home has mold. That’s why restoration services are so vital. Some environments have more mold than others, but almost everyone deals with a mold problem at one point or another. Think your home or building doesn’t have mold? You might just be looking in all of the wrong places. 

Common Mold Growth Areas 

Some areas don’t see a lot of mold growth. Dry areas like your living room, dining room, and similar places don’t invite mold spores to stick around. However, some areas do get a lot of mold growth. 

You’re probably picturing your bathroom and kitchen right now, and it’s true that these areas do experience a lot of mold. However, certain other areas get even more mold growth than bathrooms and kitchens, as people from restoration services can tell you. 

Here at Emergency Restoration Specialists, for instance, we often get calls about mold in the following areas: 


  • Attics 
  • Basements 
  • Crawlspaces 
  • Storage areas 

What do all of these places have in common?

  • Exposure to the elements. These areas are prone to leaks, and they hold on to humidity. This means that they have prolonged exposure to dampness. Mold grows best in damp areas, which makes these spaces particularly appealing to mold spores. 
  • Darkness. Mold also grows well in dark areas, so attics and basements give mold the perfect growth environment. 
  • Neglect. How often do you go into your attic? Not nearly as often as you go into your living room. None of the areas above are meant to be lived in. They’re meant to hold items until you’re ready to use them. When mold appears in your bathroom, you notice right away and get rid of it. When mold appears in your crawlspace, you may not see it for months. This gives the mold plenty of time to grow until you’ve got a big problem on your hands. 

Restoration Services 

If you have a mold problem in any of those areas, then you’ll likely need restoration services. With professional restoration services, your team can see how far the mold reaches. 

Once they’ve gotten an idea of how far the mold goes, they can remove that mold using professional-level tools and safety equipment. Some restoration services even have drying services. They can mitigate the dampness that caused the mold in the first place. 

Emergency Restoration Specialists 

Do you need restoration services to get rid of mold? The Emergency Restoration Specialists are ready to help. We handle disasters of all sizes. No mold problem is too big for us to handle. Get in touch with us today and let our team get to work for you. 


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