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What to Expect During Flood Damage Restoration

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING FLOOD DAMAGE RESTORATION IMMEDIATE RESPONSE, 24/7 SERVICE, COMPLETE REMEDIATION Water damage restoration companies follow the standard operating procedure S500 established by the certifying bodies IICRC and RIA. When restoration companies are dealing with a damaged structure, they follow procedures helping them understand the intensity of the water problem, identify the category

Is my home properly ventilated?

IS MY HOME PROPERLY VENTILATED?AVOID MOLD BY REDUCING MOISTURE Ventilation refers to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Without proper ventilation, an otherwise insulated and airtight house will seal in harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, and moisture that can damage a house. WHY VENTILATE? To start, gases from combustion appliances, like your stove

Why should you protect your home from basement flooding?

WHY SHOULD YOU PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM BASEMENT FLOODING ? Basement flooding can cause significant damage to your personal property and can have serious repercussions for the livability of your home. Basement flood impacts include: Damage to basement flooring and wall materials Loss of furniture and entertainment systems Damage to irreplaceable sentimental items Food spoilage
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