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Flooding, fire damage, mold, chemical spills, and accidents - whatever keeps your business from running, we're here to eliminate it. We'll restore your facilities back to working order faster than any restoration company in the state of Wisconsin.

Let's end this downtime.

24/7 Emergency response 414-571-9977

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

For Retail Spaces, Industry, and Healthcare Facilities

Emergency Restoration for Southeast Wisconsin Businesses

Graffiti Removal Team

Graffiti Removal

Cleaning graffiti off walls isn't the hard part. The hard part of battling vandalism is removing the marks before it starts to affect your business' image. Emergency Restoration Services. It's our name. It's our business.

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Building Repairs (Minor or Major)
  • Window Board-Ups

Call ERS when you need vandalism cleaned up quickly and entirely. We beat vandalism.

Mold Remediation and Cleanup

Mold Removal

Mold is fungus living in a colony. Some types of mold are harmless or help decompose dead trees in forests. Other molds are toxin and malicious. They infect humans, sometimes rendering the person severely injured.

4 Most Common Types of Mold:

Harmful molds tend to spread fast. The time to act is now. Don't let mold spores spread around your home any more.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair

Fire Damage Repair

Fire damages so much more than just what the flames touch. Its heat melts coatings around wires in walls. Smoke stains every surface. And that lingering stink as a reminder of your misfortune.

Yes, ERS Fixes That, Too:

  • Wall, Ceiling, and Floor
  • Smoke Damage
  • Carpets
  • Upholstery

When it strikes, fight Fire with Emergency Restoration Services.

Water Damage Remediation

Emergency Water Removal

For being the universal solvent, water sure does cause a lot of problems for people. It seeps in through cracks, enters your home through backed up pipes. Water finds a way in when it wants to.

Cleaning - Drying - Repairing - Replacing
any necessary areas or items in/on the structure.

We do more than just dry your building. ERS is a complete Restoration Service.

Vehicular accident cleanup in WisconsinLight Cleanup Services:

Our technicians keep your building looking great for potential customers and help you reopen faster through our restoration services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t let water damage or mold growth keep your business down.

Comprehensive Repair and Cleanup Services

ERS provides restoration and cleanup services for business establishments all over Wisconsin and Illinois.

After calling ERS for restoration services, our highly qualified specialists leave within the hour. We use high tech equipment and efficient techniques to remove the graffiti, repair water or fire damage and clean flooring.

We will return your building to pristine condition and work on your schedule, so you can minimize downtime.

Contact our commercial restoration specialists at ERS and utilize our FREE online quote for repair or cleanup services today.


24/7 Emergency Restoration Services in Wisconsin and Illinois